Over the course of more than 15 years of activity, we have become experts in:

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

In our desire to assist companies, we have been developing products that utilize artificial intelligence for over 4 years.


In the development of our software products, we use artificial intelligence to:


  • Provide personalized recommendations to end customers,
  • Assist in the analysis of vast amounts of available data,
  • Automate highly complex or routine activities.


We employ blockchain technology in various fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector to enhance trust, security, transparency, and data traceability within a business network, aiming to reduce costs and provide maximum efficiency.

Our certified blockchain experts can help you successfully develop or integrate this technology into your company.

Consumer Behavior

Understanding consumer behavior is crucial in any business domain. Therefore, we have developed software products that comprehend customer actions in the online environment and provide personalized information that aligns with their current needs.


We have created software products that utilize the latest gamification and behavioral design methodologies to help customers discover the product that best suits their needs through play.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation

We have relevant experience in developing RPA solutions that involve automating mundane tasks requiring minimal or no personnel involvement.

Thanks to RPA, you can:

  • Allocate resources to essential business operations
  • Encourage employees to learn and take on more significant roles
  • Save significant costs by automating mundane day-to-day functions
  • Minimize the chances of errors
  • Enhance overall organizational efficiency

Software Development

Some of the technologies we employ:

  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • TypeScript
  • Express
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Nuxt/Next.js
  • Python