Business Consulting

During the 12 years I bought consultancy services from international companies, I brought in experts from abroad and I worked with the best consultants I found.


And I found the magic solution to grow your business: YOU.

The business owner, the entrepreneur, the king (/ queen).

The locomotive without which the complicated machinery called the company would not move. 

Its vision is the basis of the business, respectively the creation of value for customers and potential customers.


We can only help you with solving specific needs with WebMagnat experts or from the network of partners in the following concrete directions:


Potential customers - identify them and what they want to buy from you

Those who do not buy yet. Although they are targeted.

What do they really want?


Do you realize the need? If so, are they willing to buy the solution from you?

Do I even know who you are?


Current customers - increasing their value

You serve them with excellence. And they keep coming back. And they also bring their friends and recommend more and more often.

Or maybe not ... as you wish

What would it be to find out what they really think and what is the basis for making a purchase or recommendation?


The management team - align with you to increase the results

Your business has grown. You grew up. 

You have long understood that success comes from working with people you trust.


Plus you can't be the best at all.

Are they aligned with you? Do they pull in the same direction?

(Studies show in 9 out of 10 cases that not even the management team fully shares the business owner's vision)


Sales agents - automating tasks to have more time for customers

Gladiators! Those who hunt and bring prey. 

Sometimes just the skin of the bear in the forest. 


They are the ones who make your company known. 

If sales go exactly the way you want it is not worth being surprised to find out more.


Employees - Increase working speed 

Those who, after the beautiful story told by the sales man, must take his heart in his teeth and DO IT.


Do I know why? Sometimes what? Without it the engine pumps empty fuel. And most of the time in a company, fuel is money.