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At WebMagnat, we connect IT Professionals and Jobs.

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At WebMagnat we learn, innovate and evolve together.

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Staffing models on a daily basis is growing everyday.

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We find the perfect match for you based on your skills and job requirements. Each professional is selected for the most suitable position.


Seeking your dream job? At WebMagnat, we connect IT Professionals and Jobs. We offer you a variety of opportunities to work in an agile software environment.

In order to offer the best IT consulting services, we take great care in selecting highly experienced candidates for our software specialist positions. Through our custom software solutions and digital marketing expertise, we have taken our clients’ businesses to the next level. 

Helping companies grow through technology is what we do best. Therefore, we can meet the demanding needs of our clients, as we employ highly qualified and seasoned software professionals. This way, customers receive recruitment services that are suited to their needs thanks to our IT staffing service.

At last, the comprehensive approach of our IT staffing solution ensures that businesses can move closer to their goals.

Let’s follow our dreams with passion! 


Companies are looking for IT Professionals just like you. Together, we can provide the best IT consulting services in a worldwide range of possibilities.

At WebMagnat, we learn, innovate and evolve together. We cultivate happiness through teamwork and companionship combined with mutual goals.

With a career at WebMagnat, you will always be able to find new challenges, be part of projects that excite you, and build a wide experience in the field you’re passionate about, complemented with great benefits that will enable you to live your best life.

You will be able to achieve your goals while being curious and accelerate your career growth. We make sure everyone acknowledges that their work is meaningful and we are all contributing to the evolution of the world by helping companies grow in a sustainable way. 

Join us in five easy steps and start your journey now!

  • Submit online form
  • Exploratory meeting 
  • Job interview
  • Contract offer
  • Sign the contract 

Once you have submitted the online form, our team will make sure to carefully analyze your application. Afterwards, you will be invited to an exploratory meeting, according to our clients’ needs. If our needs are meet, our talent acquisition team will help you find the perfect job you’ve been seeking. 

You will be notified every time we have a matching opportunity for you, as well as instructed about further notifications. 

Are you ready for WebMagnat to unlock your growth potential?


The number of companies that use staffing models on a daily basis is growing everyday. These strategies allow companies to hire highly skilled staff to perform a specific function within a stipulated time frame. 

The staff augmentation model has several tactical advantages, like its flexibility and great results in short-term projects. Our temporary staffing solutions allow you to increase or decrease your resource needs accordingly.

We build your resource capacity with lower costs and without management challenges.


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